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We invite you to the exhibition AGRO-2017!

Our stand number 77 in the pavilion "9A"


June 7-10, 2017 will be the XXIX International Agro-Industrial Exhibition "AGRO-2017", which rightly deserves worldwide recognition for many years

About Timol

The plant of polyurethane products "Timol" is a modern, industrial enterprise in the city of Dnepropetrovsk.

The main activities of the plant:

  • application and restoration of the contact layer on metal parts (polyurethane lining of conveyor rollers, various shafts, loading wheels, clamps, etc.);
  • Roller for the roller is always available.
  • fabrication of lining (polyurethane sheets) to protect against abrasive wear of bins, gutters, feeders, grain crops, etc .;
  • manufacture of piece and serial products of polyurethane for various purposes and configurations (conveyor scrapers, marzans for the printing industry, seal cuffs, cuffs for oil pipelines, vibration couplings, bus suspension bushings, road milling cutters, scrapers for road rollers, etc.).

As you can see, polyurethane products are widely used in various industries.

Why is polyurethane so popular? Experts say: thanks to its excellent strength characteristics. Modern polyurethane, unlike rubber and plastic, does not lose shape at high temperatures, it is resistant to hydraulic fluids and oils, is not afraid of frost and is not exposed to microbes. Quality products made of polyurethane are not covered with mold, do not crack and do not crumble.

More information about our main directions can be found on this site.

Polyurethane for any machinery and industry at manufacturer's price

Polyurethane is a universal synthetic polymer. It can take both a solid and liquid, viscous condition. Thanks to this, he found the widest application in modern industry. From polyurethane are created different mechanisms and their individual components, additional accessories for them. Polyurethane products can look like highly elastic, rubber-like parts, and as hard as possible, rigid objects, in terms of structural strength not inferior to metal models.

Polyurethane products have less weight than their metal counterparts. Also, they better tolerate the thermal impact at the most active, long-term operation. Thanks to this, polyurethane parts are used in the following industrial and technological areas:

  • Metalworking.
  • Machine-tool construction.
  • Machine and instrument making.
  • Oil and gas sector.
  • Building.
  • Food and light industry.
  • Chemistry and mining.
  • Manufacture of electronics.

The use of polyurethane is not limited to the aforementioned spheres, since this material is an effective substitute for other polymers, rubber and many kinds of metals. Prices for polyurethane are very profitable, which is why the production of polyurethane in our plant is constantly increasing. This material is extremely durable and durable. It can be elastic and maximum resistant to rupture, and can be hard and resistant to abrasion.

The production of polyurethane products at the Timol plant is carried out with the help of the most modern and high-quality equipment. Thanks to this, our products are guaranteed to remain in shape even after the most powerful power, mechanical and thermal loads.

Order the polyurethane from us at the manufacturer's price!