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Polyurethane sheet


Polyurethane sheets are used in various industries. Properties such as high abrasion resistance, strength, and elasticity make them indispensable for the industry. In cases where solving the problems of shock loads, intensive abrasion and adherence of the material is required, polyurethane sheets easily replace rubber plates, plastic, and steel sheets.

Examples of application of polyurethane sheets


As protection against abrasion, adherence, and freezing of material (lining of storage hoppers, cyclones, gutters, containers of various purposes)

Floor covering for noise insulation and vibration reduction

Production of sealing equipment and vibration-resistant parts

Dielectric carpets

Elastic gaskets and linings

Wear-resistant soles for the shoe industry

Dampers, shock absorbers, vibration dampers, and expansion joints

Die plates

Elastic scrapers for conveyor belts

Sheet sizes:

Thickness: from 1 mm

Maximum dimensions: 1,000*6,000 mm or 2,000*3,000 mm

How can polyurethane sheets be used?


Polyurethane sheets can perfectly replace rubber plates made of rubber, steel, or plastic sheets. In this case, such gaskets will last much longer and wear out less are characterized by low dust adherence.

Polyurethane sheets perfectly protect the metal mechanisms of machines from freezing and contamination. In this case, lining is used (finishing the surface of gutters, bunkers, cyclones, and various containers with polyurethane).

Polyurethane sheets can be glued to floors to reduce vibration and noise. Also, gaskets made of polyurethane sheets are used for vibration isolation of equipment and its individual parts.

Polyurethane sheets are an excellent dielectric.

Also, such sheet materials are used to make wear-resistant heels and soles on shoes.

Polyurethane is also used in the automotive industry (dampers, shock absorbers, expansion joints, and vibration dampers).

Polyurethane sheets are an excellent material for the manufacture of conveyor belt scrapers, for stamping plates, as well as any other products where rubber or plastic was previously used.

If you need to produce sheets according to individual sizes, you can call our managers and clarify the terms of such an order and to find out the terms of its completion.