Jackets, damper rings, gaskets

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Jackets, damper rings, gaskets

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Polyurethane jackets, damper rings, and gaskets are used to seal various types of joints. Considering that polyurethane has good mechanical memory, they can be reused; moreover, their unique physicochemical properties make them fit for reusing at high pressures (up to 1,000 atm).

These products can be used for:

  • Piston seals.
  • Shaft seals.
  • Rod seals.
  • Support rings.
  • Protective rings.
  • Seal wipers.

Linear seals: piston and rod seals, chevron rings, seal wipers, support and guide rings, bushings. Rotary seals: radial and axial seals, rotor seals. Flat profile seals. Delivery of seals can be carried out both for new equipment and for equipment in operation. Fast and high-quality manufacturing will help you reduce the downtime of your equipment in repair while the quality of the material can increase the service life of your equipment

Jackets and gaskets are made according to sketches, drawings, GOSTs (including for imported and non-standard equipment).

They exclude leakage of liquid or gas through the seal, have a good mechanical memory (restore the shape that is close to their original shape), and are used in the machinery operated at high pressures (up to 1,000 atm).