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Polyurethane rods

Polyurethane rods are used as workpieces for the production of the following:

  • Bushings
  • Rollers
  • Springs
  • Other parts


Diameter: 20-400 mm

Length: 500 mm

For industrial enterprises, we produce high-quality polyurethane rods and polyurethane sheets. They can be used to address many problems that occur when using spare parts made of rubber or other elastic materials, for example:

In conditions of large shock loads, it is the polyurethane sheets, as well as the rods made of this material, that will be able to soften the impact as much as possible and to protect other parts of the mechanism from breakages.

In addition, polyurethane is more resistant to different erosions and cracks than rubber and even some types of metal.

Therefore, we suggest you to look at the options for using our standard polyurethane products to understand how your plant can use them with significant advantages for production activities.

Where are polyurethane rods used?

We produce polyurethane rods for any industry in the form of workpieces, and we will help you create final spare parts for your equipment using these workpieces.

Rolls, bushings, springs etc. can be made from rods. You can order them from us or you can make them yourself.

Polyurethane rods up to 50 cm in length and from 2 cm to 40 cm in diameter can be ordered.

But if you need to produce rods according to individual dimensions, you can call our managers and clarify the terms of such an order and to find out the terms of its completion.

Polyurethane guide bushings and rings

Sleeves and rings made of polyurethane are used in all types of equipment:

  • Chemical industry
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy
  • Paper industry
  • Molding industry

In addition to wheels and rollers made of polyurethane, we also offer polyurethane bushings and rings to shop managers of various manufacturing plants (chemical, automotive, paper, metallurgy etc.). Polyurethane bushings are much more profitable to use than rubber ones, as they are more durable, wear-resistant, and stronger.

Why use polyurethane bushings?

Polyurethane bushings are used as machine part sealants and as guiding parts. A particularly active use of polyurethane bushings in recent years has been a characteristic of the automotive industry, where they are used in suspension or as valve, support, and squeeze bearing guide bushings.

Timol factory also produces polyurethane stabilizer bushings, which you can order in any quantity in the finished form as well as as workpieces.

What are the advantages of polyurethane bushings?

In contrast to rubber bushings, polyurethane ones have a number of advantages. In addition to their durability and durability, as well as the ability to be used even in mechanisms with a high operating temperature, they also:

increase the service life of parts by dozens of times. This is due to the fact that polyurethane bushings have a reduced friction coefficient;

the same property reduces the number of repairs of equipment throughout its lifetime, which, in turn, leads to significant cost savings;

polyurethane bushings of the stabilizer or another mechanism have a mechanical memory, which means that they do not deform during use;

sleeves made of polyurethane do not age over time or under the influence of chemical media (solvents, air, salt water, ozone etc.).

When installing such bushings into mechanisms instead of rubber ones, you will provide a 50-fold increase in the service life of bushings and, accordingly, will save a lot of money for all the years of operation of the mechanism.

How to order polyurethane bushings?

Polyurethane bushings of the stabilizer, as well as clamping and sealing rings and other types of bushings, can be ordered from Timol factory by calling our managers or by email. You can order both standard bushings and bushings for your own samples as well as workpieces for them.

We are located in Dnipro, but we can quickly deliver any number of bushings, as well as other polyurethane products, to any city in Ukraine, Russia, or the CIS.