Spraying and coating with polyurethane

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We implement work on the application of a polyurethane coating onto the surface of equipment by spraying.

Purpose of such coating:

spraying with polyurethane is used to protect technological equipment, tanks, and structures from the impact of:

  • Abrasion wear,
  • Corrosion,
  • Aggressive chemical environment as well as a combination of these factors.

An elastomeric coating, which is applied by spraying, is used in cases where the use of cast polyurethane lining is impossible or impractical due to the complexity of the relief, the requirements for tightness, or the need for a coating less than 4 mm thick.

Objects that use the polyurethane spraying technology:

  • Hoppers, downspouts, gutters
  • Pipes and shaped products (bends, elbows, adapters) of a large diameter. It is possible to apply a lining layer from the inside or a thin protective layer from the outside
  • Rinsing tanks, troughs, drums, galvanic, and tumbling tanks
  • Trays for collecting spillage under conveyors

Restoration of worn coating on processing equipment of mining and refining facilities and processing plants

  • Concrete structures exposed to abrasive or aggressive chemical media