Gravity equipment: polyurethane inserts in the pipe

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Application sectors:

  • agriculture

Polyurethane inserts in gravity pipes are a modern alternative to expensive replacement of metal pipelines.

Gravity pipes, sectors, flanges, transitions, and inlets are used in the grain and processing industry for moving food and non-food bulk substances: cereals, flour, starch, sand, pigments etc.

Advantages of polyurethane

inserts in the gravity flow:

  • high level of resistance to abrasion;
  • prevention of damage to grain during transportation;
  • absence of dust formation in production premises when the grain passes through polyurethane gravity pipes;
  • reduction of the noise level when using polyurethane inserts in a gravity pipes;
  • high antistatic and fireproof properties;
  • operating temperature range: from -50° to +120°;

The lifetime of polyurethane inserts in the gravity pipes is several times longer than the lifetime of metal pipelines, which allows significant savings in terms of both procurement and installation of pipelines.