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Polyurethane rollers and wheels

Our company is engaged in the repair (restoration of the elastic coating) of rollers, wheels, rolls for various production equipment and intra-plant transport operating under heavy mechanical loads.

Lining of rollers and wheels will increase their service life as well as reduce noise and vibration.

One of the most important pluses of restoration is that the cost of recovery is much lower than buying a new wheel or roller.

The above pictures reflect directly finished wheels that are manufactured by our factory.

If you are the director of a large manufacturing plant, you, like no one else, know how quickly the rubber coating of the inner-transport wheels or rollers and bushes in the production mechanisms wear out. With the active use of rubber products on an industrial scale, they quickly wear out.

It is due to the fact that rubber has a relatively short service life; therefore, it is not always beneficial to use it in production, especially since the Timol plant offers you to buy polyurethane wheels instead of rubber parts and other products or to order polyurethane machinery lining.

Polyurethane rollers, polyurethane wheels for rollers, trolleys, rolls, and other handling equipment are an excellent investment in production equipment that will pay off in the near future.

What is the lining of rollers and wheels with polyurethane?

We offer you not only to buy ready-made polyurethane wheels or polyurethane rollers but also to order the lining of the wheels and rollers of your equipment that have worn out.

Polyurethane lining for rollers or wheels is a coating of the surface of the wheel with a layer of manually cast polyurethane, which provides for a strong grip of the material with the body parts.

Lining for rollers allows you to save money and not to buy full-size rollers and wheels at their full cost.

After lining, wheels and rollers acquire the characteristics of completely new polyurethane wheels: the highest strength, durability, wear resistance, frost resistance etc. Such wheels made of polyurethane will serve you for more than a year or even a decade without the need for replacement or repair.

What are the benefit for the customers who decide to use polyurethane wheels and rollers?

In addition to the substantial cost savings that the customer who has ordered the lining of wheels and rollers of factory mechanisms and vehicles receives from us, the purchase of new polyurethane wheels and rollers is an investment that will turn out to be a total benefit for the owner of a production enterprise:

Polyurethane wheels can be used in machinery that is operated in severe frosts or in extremely hot shops, since polyurethane can withstand temperatures ranging from -50 oC to +110 oC.

Polyurethane rollers are especially resistant to wear: they do not crack and do not tear. They are 50 times as strong as rubber and, at the same time, they are not less elastic at high rigidity.

Rollers made of polyurethane can be used in mechanisms that come in contact with various solvents (including gasoline).

Also wheels made of this material (for example, wheels for a manual pallet jack) will prove beneficial for the enterprises engaged in loading goods in seaports, since polyurethane is resistant to sea water.

Polyurethane rollers and wheels are modern materials that are installed today in all manufacturing plants in Europe and in the world to replace worn-out rubber.

Polyurethane bandages 

Thanks to the special resistance to tearing and wear and high wear resistance of friction parts, polyurethane bandages and polyurethane lining have been widely used in various industries.

"Timol" factory offers a wide range of tires with high strength, friction, and tear resistance as well as with high heat resistance, wear resistance, and fatigue resistance of the material.

The scope of application of polyurethane and lined bandages:

  • cut-scoring bandages are used in the contact zone of transport rolls with longitudinal and transverse knives and protect against progressive wear of both shafts and knives;
  • coating of rollers of gravity conveyors protects both rollers and transported products;
  • protection of highly loaded strips of loaders, handling, and other transport vehicles against abrasive wear.

Timol factory can produce polyurethane and lined bandages of all dimensions on demand.