Polyurethane noria buckets

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Application sectors:

  • agriculture

Polyurethane buckets are used on bucket elevators (paternosters) to move grain, seeds, flour, bran, meal, mixed fodders, malt, tea, wood pellets, and other bulk products.

Advantages of polymeric grizzly buckets:

  • explosive safety (since the possibility of a spark arises when the edge of the bucket touches the pipe is excluded);
  • grain and seeds are practically not damaged due to the elasticity of the bucket edge;
  • the accumulation of hard-flowing and wet products is prevented due to low adhesion of the product to the polymer surface; electricity savings due to the low weight of the bucket;
  • the reduction in the mechanical load on the paternoster tape and the paternoster drive;
  • polymeric buckets have considerable rigidity and do not change the geometric shape during operation;
  • polymeric grizzly buckets are resistant to corrosion and quiet in operation;
  • operating temperature: from -60 oС to +110 oС.