Sieve and parts for screens from polyurethane

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Application sectors:

  • Mining industry
  • Metallurgical industry

The high wear resistance of injection molding polyurethanes allows them to be used in the mining and construction industries for the manufacture of screens for separating screens in ore and other materials transportation systems.

Sieve for screens of polyurethane is:

  • Precise sorting due to the high accuracy of the sieve cells.
  • Extraction of the limiting fraction due to elastic bridges between the perforations and the conical shape of the sieve cells.
  • High wear resistance and long service life as a result of special properties of polyurethane.
  • Noise suppression due to the sound-absorbing properties of polyurethane.
  • Increase the speed of the material in connection with the flat upper surface.
  • Lower specific and operating costs due to a long period of operation (10-20 times longer than metal ones) and quick replacement of segments.
  • High maintainability (in case of damage to the screen, the segment is replaced, and not all screens at once.

The service life of polyurethane screens in comparison with rubber and metal increases up to 10 times depending on the breed and operating conditions.

The use of polyurethane screens allows:

  • significantly reduce the number of preventive maintenance due to their longevity
  • to obtain a product of higher quality in concentrates, where there are strict restrictions on the number of foreign inclusions (the use of metal sieves - iron compounds, the use of rubber sieves - inclusions of rubber) in the processing of quartz sand, ore, asbestos.

How screens are made for screens

Sieves are made from type-setting sections, which allows you to replace without dismantling the entire sieve card, this allows you to significantly reduce the costs associated with repairs. Sieves for screens are manufactured in various sizes and configurations with different hole sizes:

  • slotted holes with a slit width of 0.5 mm;
  • openings of square cross-section with the size of cells from 3 to 80 mm;
  • openings of circular cross-section with dimensions from 5 to 80 mm.

Polyurethane screens - manufacturing features

It is possible to manufacture sieves according to customer's drawings. We also produce balls - cleaners with a diameter of 10 to 200 mm. Sieves are designed for use in various screens for screening and classification of dry masses and suspended solids in water (sand, limestone, ore, slag, coal, coke, etc.). For effective use in screening: screens from wear-resistant polyurethane. With the help of our sieves, the following materials are screened and classified: coal, coke, sand and gravel, limestone, ores, slags. Sieves are made in the form of modules from a set of segments with square or rectangular holes. Reliable fastening in the sub-units is ensured by the use of special hooks.

Structurally polyurethane sieves of modular design represent a set of sieve cards with a set of sifting modules. Sieve cards are made of polyurethane in the width of the crate box. The connection of the sieve cards to the sieve fabric along the length of the screening box is performed by lock elements such as a piano loop.

Screening modules are made of polyurethane with sizes of sieving holes from 0,5х0,5 to 10х10 mm. Screening modules are installed in the cells of sieve cards in the lock (wedge fixation) and do not require additional fastening elements.

The fixing connection makes it possible to selectively quickly change the screening modules without removing the screen cloth and without using special tools.