Scrapers of concrete mixers

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Scrapers of concrete mixers

Wear-resistant polyurethane blades (scrapers, blades) for concrete mixers are designed for operation in conditions of severe abrasive wear.


Tests carried out on concrete mixing areas of factories producing various brands of concrete revealed the following advantages of using polyurethane scrapers and blades:

  • Service life: polyurethane scrapers and blades operate on average 3-4 times longer than steel and cast iron.
  • Blade cleaning and quality of the impregnation: polyurethane has a low coefficient of adhesion to other materials, so the polyurethane blades do not adhere to the concrete mass, they are easy to clean, the quality of the promise increases.
  • Careful attitude to the armor: the elastic polyurethane does not wear out the concrete mixer's armor. Polyurethane blades are suitable for working with various types of concrete (including heavy-weight concrete), and their application is most advantageous in those cases where the lifetime of metal scrapers does not exceed one month.

We can produce both standard and non-standard polyurethane scrapers and blades for concrete mixers according to your drawing.